What You Should Know About File Backup

Charlie Christianson – What You Should Know About File Backup


Blissful Peace of Mind

Many business owners assume that their file backup program or a cloud based file backup program has backed up those irreplaceable data files.

When the “day of infamy” arrives and a data restore is necessary – surprise, anguish and many unrepeatable words will be uttered as they discover the restored data is incomplete.


The Culprit – Applications Left Open 

Users often forget to close an application or in many cases the services for this application are always running in the background as a service (desktop service and or server service).


What Can You Do

  1. Know what data you need backed up
  2. Check with the software vendor to find out where backup files are stored
  3. Ask your IT company or backup application vendor if open files and what type of open files are being backed up ( You may be able to find these in the application vendor’s FAQ’s or Knowledge base)
  4. If the files you need are part of a service ask your IT vendor how to backup this data
  5. Call the Data Storage Professionals at CMD


Posted by DH 1/5/13