Why CMD?

Aside from the technical expertise, personable staff and reliable service, why would you want to choose CMD as your trusted partner for one of the most mission critical components of your business? Solutions! Solutions to virtually any technology related challenge. Our team is extremely talented at finding the right solution to your business need, not fitting your need to our solution!

CMD has strategic partnerships with key industry leaders to provide you with the right solution to meet your business goals and objectives. Our partners include: Microsoft, Intel, Symantec, Cisco, Seneca Data, Lenovo, GFI, Watchguard, Reflexion Email Services, Intronis and many more.

So how do our solutions differ from our competitors? Our broad base of clients and the wide variety of industries they represent provide us with the opportunity to see how different industries apply different technologies. Frequently things are done a certain way within a particular industry just because that is how they are done. On countless occasions, CMD has been able to apply technology in a manner that we found very efficient in a different industry but perhaps is not consistent with the manner that someone relegated to a single industry would use that same technology. A the risk of using some business acronyms, our solutions fit your business need and usually save you money through added value and a lower total cost of ownership (TOC) which results in a faster Return on Investment (ROI).

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  • Strategic IT Planning: CMD has succeeded in helping clients from many industries with their IT needs for over 25 years. That also means that we understand the challenges that every business faces on a daily basis. IT budgets have tightened yet the role technology plays in the operation of our businesses has increased dramatically. CMD’s team of experienced professionals can help you develop an IT strategy that maximizes the ROI on every technology dollar you spend. A little work up front can save you thousands of dollars in equipment and even more importantly long-term support of a poorly executed strategy.
  • Outsourced IT Services: Whether you are a small business in need of an IT partner to support your entire technology footprint or a large company seeking to augment an internal IT staff, CMD can help. For the smaller client, we can monitor your systems and provide helpdesk services. For the larger client, our expertise in a variety of disciplines can help your IT staff with special projects or ongoing support of key systems.
  • Integration: CMD partners with many of the largest names in technology: Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Symantec, just to name a few. CMD has a strong relationship with one of the nation’s largest custom integrators – Seneca Data. Seneca’s Nexlink brand builds on the performance and stability of the Intel workstation and Server platforms. Built to CMD’s exacting specifications, these systems offer a powerful platform to run the latest Microsoft technologies. CMD focuses on the total cost of ownership (TCO) which takes into consideration not only the initial purchase price of equipment but also what it takes to ensure the lowest possible support costs over the life of the product.
  • Disaster Recovery: CMD works extensively with our clients to build as much system redundancy and backup as possible. Our approach to DR begins with identifying two key objectives: Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – the maximum acceptable time to get a system back up and running; and Recovery Point Objective (RPO ) – How much data loss id acceptable. So you say “I want instant recovery and no data loss”. Obviously, that is the ideal but the shorter the RTO and RPO, the more elaborate and in many cases costly, the system becomes. However, CMD works closely with our clients to build layers of redundancy and backup that meets these key objectives.
  • Local and Wide Area networking: CMD has designed and maintained countless networks ranging from simple internal networks to complex multi-site networks.
  • Remote access and Thin Client: It’s 11:30 PM and you need to look at a file that you left at the office. Did you know that there are several secure ways to provide you with access from home? Are you trying to get remote users secure access to sensitive data? Are you looking to mitigate the cost of managing traditional PC’s? Have you ever tried to manage contractor’s access to internal applications or data? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then you should be looking at Remote Desktop Services and/or Thin Clients.
  • Server and Workstation Virtualization: CMD has successfully deployed countless virtual servers and workstations. In the simplest terms, virtualization allows a single piece of server hardware to be host to many virtual servers. A virtual server is basically a single file that holds a complete, fully functional server instance. The value of this technology is that it allows for far better hardware utilization, easier backup and recovery, a more nimble platform from which a company can adapt its technology to changing needs.
  • Information Security Remediation: Regulatory compliance and data security are becoming an essential part of every businesses technology plan. CMD has worked extensively with many businesses in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare, financial, education and retail. Our understanding of the regulatory requirements and the application of technology to properly secure systems is a valuable asset to every CMD client.
  • CMD brings enterprise solution to our small business clients at a highly affordable price point.
  • CMD staff, with twenty-five years of service to SMB clients, know how to assess each client’s workflow needs and employ technology that will expand with the demands of your business.
  • CMD employs time tested state of the art hardware and networking solutions that can be deployed based on your business budgetary requirements
  • CMD staff pride themselves on personalized service; when you have an issue, we are here to solve the problem