CMD NetGuard


Benefits of CMD NetGuard

CMD Netguard provides a more detailed monitoring of your network and its security. Netguard is designed for compliance driven industries that require ongoing in-depth monitoring of network vulnerability and more intensive risk management.

CMD NetGuard Offers:

  • A Unified Patch Management
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Network/Software auditing tools
  • Change management
  • Compliance monitoring

Other Features:

  • Automatically checks the password policy for all machines on the network
  • Checks for programs that run automatically (potential trojans)
  • Finds out if the OS is advertising too much information
  • Performs simultaneous scans through the multithread scan engine
  • Provides NetBIOS hostname, currently logged username and MAC address
  • Provides a list of shares, users (detailed information), services, sessions, remote TOD (time of day) and registry information from remote computer (Windows)
  • SNMP device detection, SNMP Walk for inspecting network devices like routers, network printers and more
  • Offers alternative command line deployment tool
  • Identifies all installed Windows services